My clients care deeply about the world. 

And they inspire and challenge me to hold a vision for world-changing leadership that is life affirming, and grounded in love for truth, beauty, and goodness.

I have 15+ years of broad experience in the nonprofit sector. Before becoming an executive coach, I was a fundraiser, a communications director, a diversity trainer, a brand strategist, a board member and a lobbyist. I've managed tight budgets, and I’ve stretched every penny.

I loved my work, but I remember how we also often felt frustrated and overwhelmed by the big political forces we were working against in DC. We were often on the losing end of our political battles.

I also remember what a difference it made to have just one leader in the room who remained undaunted, who could remind us why we were there, and rally us after defeat. It’s that experience that led me to pursue my lifelong interest in leadership development, and got my certification as an Integral Coach from New Ventures West.

Since then, I have been helping executive directors, organizers and activists lead from a deeper, more resonant place. They need great skill and resilience to navigate environments that can be low on time and money, but high on office politics. Under constant pressure, we sometimes start to see ourselves and each other as modes of production. And so our organizations can suffer from toxic, dehumanizing work cultures.

So I help my clients connect with and move from a place of deep humanity. I help them develop the courage to skillfully bring their whole selves to the table. And they find in themselves the capacity to respond to life’s complexity with greater skill and nuance, seeing the gray, and the possibility, amidst the black and white.

Since becoming an executive coach and starting Greater Good Coaching, I have joined the Board of Directors at Rethink Media, and the Board of Directors at Peace Action. I also serve as a faculty coach at Aletheia: A School of Integral Unfoldment.

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