That's what any one of us brings to the table. It's the gift we've all been given, to make our impact on the world. 

So my question to you is, what happens when you start using everything you've got? When you start digging and finding there is more to you than you ever realized? When your mission in life starts to align with who you fundamentally are, and so you can't help but make an impact just by being you? 

This is what it means to own your power, and it's what I want for anyone who is trying to make a difference. 

I believe:

• Great changemaking leadership starts with being exactly who you are. No more, no less, no apologies.

• That people who lead with authenticity are more connected and influential, and inspire others by example. 

• That organizations are more creative, inspired, cohesive and efficient, when leaders are fostering a culture of honest collaboration.

What doesn't work? Trying to fit the mold of what leadership is "supposed" to look like. 

So what were you born to contribute?

Whether your vision is clear, or just a glimmer, I'd love to hear what you are up to. 

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