Webinar: The Art of Giving Candid Feedback

A volunteer who is routinely late. A once-star fundraiser who tanks an important presentation. A talented new manager whose lack of people skills is creating discord on her team.

Don’t make the mistake of allowing these kinds of challenges to linger, while your stress levels shoot through the roof. And don’t make that other mistake: delivering feedback in a way that creates more messes -- leaving people confused, upset, and unmotivated.

This 45 minute webinar will help you build confidence in giving feedback that efficiently addresses challenges, holds people accountable, and leaves people feeling engaged, valued, and motivated.

Learning Objectives:

  • Give candid feedback to colleagues in ways that are more likely to make the impact you want, without triggering their defenses

  • Frame feedback so that it is actionable for the person on the receiving end, and less likely to leave them confused and feeling disempowered

  • Create a routine of giving feedback, so people know where they stand, and so encouragement and accountability become a built-in part of your organization’s culture.

  • Avoid the most common mistakes people make in giving feedback