Coaching for Women of Asian-Pacific Islander and Middle Eastern Descent

Liberation + Connection

Navigating the space between two cultures — between your family of origin, and the culture of the American mainstream — is not always easy. And that journey presents unique challenges and opportunities for how we show up in our lives, and as leaders.

  • It affects how we think of ourselves as women who implicitly belong in some settings, but must perpetually work to earn the right to belong in others. It can shape our ability to be confident, effective leaders, with a sense of ownership and power in our lives.

  • It can increase the tension between two universal human needs: personal agency, and connection with others. There are times when the people we love the most won’t understand us, or our choices. While that’s true for most everyone, it can be a much bigger deal when your family comes from one culture — with it’s gendered values and expectations — but you are finding your way in another (with a whole other set of gendered values and expectations).

  • And it affects how others see us — often through the lens of stereotypes and expectations based on how we look. And our ability to navigate that — assertively and effectively making our true selves known — can make a significant impact.

I help my clients engage directly with challenges like these. It’s a powerful step towards living a more authentic, wholehearted life, alongside the people and customs you love, and in service to your deeply held values.

My clients learn to:

  • Show up in more authentic, more empowered ways, and build more resiliently collaborative professional and personal relationships.

  • Care for themselves and manage their energy, so they can show up fully and vibrantly in their lives and work

  • Practice the art of self-coaching, to get unstuck from counterproductive patterns like impostor syndrome, procrastination, and over-accommodating others

  • Live and lead with greater clarity and confidence by connecting to and honing their instincts

  • Recognize and liberate themselves from the marginalizing cultural messages they’ve internalized about who they are

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