Reva was a guiding light during a time of uncertainty and transition in my career. She helped me navigate particular organizational changes and taught me how to embrace my managerial and leadership role in a way that felt authentic for me as an AAPI woman. In our sessions, I felt understood and fully met, as well as a sense of relief and clarity about how to approach specific challenges and situations. She truly helped me figure out my passions, learn more about my strengths, and feel clear and confident in the choices I made. She’s an outstanding coach, and I enthusiastically recommend her!
— Courtney Chappell, Advocacy Director, Legal Voice

Reva taught me a new and more compassionate way of relating to myself, which essentially deepened my ability to coach myself. This has been profoundly empowering. For instance, I have felt more grounded and resilient in the face of uncertainty and adversity, and more open to and able to act on new possibilities as they emerge.
— Renato Almanzor, Leadership Studies Faculty, Humbolt State University

I consider myself extremely lucky to have worked with Reva as a coach during a challenging time. Although I typically tried to work things out on my own, I couldn’t figure out the right path forward in my career - I felt trapped by external constraints and lost in my own head....

Throughout our sessions, Reva was incredibly thoughtful, patient, insightful, and understanding. She met me where I was... and accommodated my personal preferences and learning styles. She was an amazing guide and teacher of important self-reflection skills that I had never developed.

I was also impressed by Reva’s passion for and eagerness to evolve as a coach.... I highly recommend Reva to anyone looking for a coach!
— Anand Subramaniam, Managing Director, PolicyLink

Working with Reva has been fantastic. A coach can offer insights that shake up your thinking in valuable and refreshing ways that re-energize your creative problem-solving. Reva has done this masterfully and I have come away from several discussions simultaneously unburdened and inspired.

...When all is said and done, I have made subtle but important changes in my approach to listening in some key conversations and I have been more willful and deliberate in some of my approach to delegation. What’s more, I have shared elements of her advice that I found very valuable with other folks on our staff.
— Peter T. Ferenbach, Co-Founder of Rethink Media

I have really benefitted from working with Reva. She helped me with the career-related questions I came to her with, as well as some long-term work that has helped not just in my career, but in many areas of my life.

She’s an excellent listener and really models a lot of the qualities that she coaches people to move towards, like being present and bringing your authentic self to work you care about. She uses a mix of concrete tools and books with a lot of questions, discussion, and self-reflection to help me address some timely issues, as well as the bigger picture question of how to bring my full potential into my work and life.

For instance, after four pretty intense years of school, she’s been able to help me find ways to re-envision and create a life that is a little less busy and stressful, while also contributing in areas of social justice and public health — and actually being more effective in doing so by being more intentional.

I’ve already recommended Reva to friends. She was really honest with me in our first meeting and stressed that if we didn’t seem like a good fit, she wanted me to feel comfortable moving onto other options because there wasn’t any sense in me working with her if it wasn’t the right fit. Luckily for me it was, but it was also really nice to be able to explore options of working with her without feeling pressured.
— Kathi Schaff, Health Equity Coordinator