Three Offerings for
Women of Asian and Middle Eastern Descent


Why I coach women who walk between
two cultures (the short version)


(Scroll down for the longer version.)

Navigating the space between two cultures — between your family of origin, and the culture of the American mainstream — it’s not always easy. And it presents unique challenges and opportunities for how we show up in our lives, and as leaders.

The reward of taking on that challenge and exploring those opportunities: an authentic life, lived to the fullest alongside the people and customs you love.


So here are three offerings for women like you


Thrive Wednesdays

This is a free online coaching circle for progressive women of Asian-Pacific Islander and Middle Eastern Descent. We meet every-other-Wednesday.

Individual Coaching

Live a more authentic, wholehearted life, alongside the people and customs you love, and in service to your deeply held values.


Group Coaching

Groups are magic. A well-run group sets the stage for incredible growth. In my humble opinion, groups gives individual coaching a serious run for the money. And this group will amplify the growth, power, and joy of 6-8 women like you.

The Longer Story…

I've noticed a pattern in my coaching practice: over the years, most of my clients have been women of color. And a significant percentage have been daughters of immigrants, or they are immigrants themselves. And I don't think it's a coincidence, given that my experience as a brown-skinned daughter of immigrants was so formative for me.

I have loved working with these women. It has felt intuitively right to me. Maybe it's because there are (generally speaking) some important commonalities.

Like an orientation to what it means to be home. To belong to a nation, to belong in the world, to belong to ourselves. Our connection to our families, our cultures, and the mainstream over-culture. To the web of expectations they place on us and our bodies. To the perception of our bodies as different. To what all this means for our relationship to our bodies. 

And most of all, our relatedness to each other. Our shared experiences and the infinitely varied ways they affect the way we show up in life. Our unique ability to see and recognize each other. To tell each other the truth and support each other. 

That is why I believe it can be so powerful when we support each other. And if any of this resonates with you, I’d love to hear from you.