I help social impact leaders cultivate their innate resourcefulness, so they can engage with wholehearted power, without burning out.  

— Reva Patwardhan, Founder of Greater Good Coaching

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Executive Coaching & Leadership Training

Burnout-proof your life and work, and be the boss everyone wishes they had. Cultivate your resourcefulness, so you are more fulfilled and effective. Leave office politics behind and focus on what matters most.


Diversity and Inclusion

Build a talented and diverse workforce. Cultivate a culture of trust and belonging, rather than a culture of burnout. Build your team’s dialogue skills so you can grow through conflict — rather than falling apart.


Asian and Middle Eastern American Women

Live and Lead your way. Individual and group coaching to help you live an authentic and wholehearted life, in service to your values, and alongside the people and customs you love.

Social change takes organizations and movements that resonate with possibility. For that, we need leaders who move from a place of deep humanity. With courage and skill, we can bring our whole selves to the table and inspire others to do so too. We can move us all forward, while embodying the future we aim to create.
— Reva Patwardhan